Let’s be honest, anyone toying with the idea of Scalp Micropigmentation is looking for a perfectly groomed look. And the resulting “faux” buzz cut appearance it creates is great. There’s no beating around on this one, it can really complete a stylish appearance. Just imagine zero hair loss headaches. Just a neat, easy maintenance hairline at the fraction of the cost of a transplant. No powders that will run in the rain, no hats, no Rogaine, and to boot… no worries!

Scalp Micropigmentation is slowly becoming nothing short of the poster child for hair loss. It’s on the global map and allowing men and women to step out in style & hold their heads up high. And it’s incredibly easy to understand why it’s exploding the market with such confidence. Treatments are accessible to just about everyone & you don’t need to mortgage your home to pay for it? However, it goes further than that. One of the biggest draws to this holistic, non-invasive treatment is it works… and it’s instant.

Provided your Clinic and Technician choices are carefully made, SMP is a very safe procedure. It should be fairly clear cut that if you opt for treatments from an unprofessional & untrained practitioner you’ll run risks that can be immeasurable. However, even getting the choices right can result in discomfort as nothing is exonerated from side effects – even Scalp Micropigmentation. To help you understand the risks in a methodical manner, we’ve sectioned this out into three :


  • Scalp itchingScalp Micropigmentation is a treatment that’s tantamount to tattooing which involves breaking through the skin. The moment a skin’s barrier is broken you have a wound. There’s no getting around this & post SMP treatment, the recovery process is slight inflammation which means your skin is working on infection prevention & repair. Whenever this happens, itching can occur. Albeit a side effect, it’s also relatively normal but strictly speaking, will be itchier for some than others.
  • Scalp rednessAs mentioned above, your skin is a barrier which protects against infection. The moment it’s broken your body naturally inflames meaning it’s working towards fighting infection possibilities. Alongside the itching it’s extremely possible your scalp will experience redness. This will subside after a day or two.


  • Swollen Lymph NodesWhenever you undergo a procedure that’s similar to that of tattooing, it’s not overly uncommon for pigments to enter into the bloodstream. Occasionally, and we mean occasionally, these pigments can collect in a lymph node as the body cannot break these pigments down. Once in the lymph node, they will think it’s an infection and become swollen. Given time, the swelling will subside however, what is important to note is that it’s neither harmful or an infection. However, it’s also important to note a swollen lymph node can also be the sign of an infection that’s completely unrelated to your tattoo.


It can happen to anyone. You think the clinic looks great, the technician has talked the talk, walked the walk & you’re hooked. But what if you fall onto the dark side? What are the possible side effects?

  • This has to be first out of the gate as it’s the most important. Infections. Your skin is a barrier that protects against infection. You break that barrier, you risk infection – this is not a negotiable issue, it’s fact. Hygiene is king when it comes to SMP. Clean needles, clean clinique, clean technician. Some signs of infection are if your treatment is hot to the touch, blistering, causing a rash or appears unsightly.
  • A technician administering regular tattooing over SMP. The techniques are not the same. If a poorly trained technician implants pigments too deeply under your skin the effects can migrate and colors can become blue. The results, in the long run, are disastrous if this happens and rectification is a painstaking process.
  • Poor grade pigments are used which can cause an allergic reaction. Scalp Micropigmentation should be carried out using only high-quality pigments that are specifically designed for the treatment. Regular tattoo pigments can be made up of a variety of toxic ingredients which can react badly. Reversal is often complex as fragments will remain in your skin even if they are removed. The results are not only unsightly, but they can also be extremely uncomfortable and long term.

On a final note, it’s crucial when opting for a clinic to feel comfortable. If you see one you like the look of, that’s great. But look a little closer… check out the reviews and ask around. With the advantage of technology, it’s a super easy thing to do these days. Verify their credibility on Facebook pages, likewise with Instagram and Twitter. Because if you fall into the hands of a poorly trained practitioner the results can be disastrous.

It remains to be said that should you be looking for a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, here at Scalp Artist International, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our experienced technicians are all highly trained and receive constant mentoring to maintain their integrity. We’ve clinics that stretch across the globe & are keen to ensure the best service in the industry. If you’ve queries about any side effects or about Scalp Micropigmentation treatment itself, why not reach out to us. Rest assured, no question will go unanswered.

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