Stretch Marks

We provide gold standard stretch mark removal services to men and women in Denver, Colorado.

For generations stretch marks have been a huge problem. They’re a nuisance to get rid of, almost impossible to prevent, (despite what you may have been told), and can rule your life if you’ve got them. Which is where dry needling can take a deep and super-proud, knee-aching bow.

Dry needling, which is also known as micro-needling or dry tattooing, is whereby small needles are inserted into the offending area to create minute disciplined punctures. These punctures are designed to shock your skin into “repair mode”. It’s useful to note that the microneedle can be left in the skin for a period of time which can extend to up to half an hour.

Whenever regeneration mode is activated, there is a release of collagens and elastins. These products are produced naturally by your very own body and are the precise proteins that sit in the dermis layer and gives your skin strength and vitality.

The number of dry needle treatments required for stretch marks will depend on an individuals skin condition. Generally speaking 3 to 5 treatments over a 4 to 6 week period is a great average.

For either of the above procedures, here at Scalp Artist we always aim to create fine finishes with all of our aesthetics treatments. If you’d like to get in touch and chat further about either Areola Micropigmentation or Dry Needling for Stretch Marks then reach out to us via our contact page or just pick up the phone and call us.