Areola Rejuvenation

Scalp Artist International is a team of industry leaders, founded by Eddie Lopez in Denver. We are a provider of world class areola reconstruction procedures using highly advanced micropigmentation techniques.

Whichever way you look at it, micropigmentation as a treatment is pioneering and somewhat avant-garde. However, for us, it’s hard to imagine a life without it. It’s a procedure that changes lives for the better, but that fact is about to take on a whole new meaning.

There are two new treatments here at Scalp Artist International that are for the soul purpose of improving the lives of women. Areola reconstruction with micropigmentation and dry needling which works towards eliminating stretch marks are our newest service offerings.

Nipple Reconstruction by Micropigmentation

Nipple Reconstruction by micropigmentation is a recreation method used to provide an intense realism after a mastectomy, particularly where the nipple is unable to be saved. It’s administered using the utmost of artistic integrity and precision, and has either a 3D or 4D finish. The final, dimensional application of organic pigments is the provider of the nipple’s natural end result.

The Advantages of Areola Tattooing

No matter the choice of 3D or 4D areola reconstruction, both treatments provide realistic color and dimension to your new nipple, driving the eyes line away from scarring. This diversion and newly created nipple can, in-turn, work towards rebuilding confidence after the trauma and psychological impact illness and surgery can bring.

The other huge benefit to areola tattooing is, without a doubt, it’s minimal risk factors. Of course, with any surgery, there are pre- and post-treatment rules to adhere to. Yet, provided you respect these procedures, the risk factors involved in the procedure are considerably low.

Areola Tattooing – Treatment Procedure

Areola reconstruction takes place over a period of time. The very first treatment works towards recreating the initial true dimensions. Thereafter, the addition of color restoration and depth are added. The final phase or phases, carefully placed markings are added to provide the overall effect of 3D or 4D. Total timescales concerning reconstruction work are roughly three to four months after the initial mastectomy.

Follow up touch-ups may be required and  it’s crucial to act in accordance with recommended clinic aftercare procedures.