It’s no surprise that technicians working in Scalp Micropigmentation clinics are dealing with poignant issues on a daily basis. Hair loss is an emotional affair, no matter the reasons behind the said loss. However, when it results from scarring it can be emphatically different.

A scar is a sign of immense struggle. It represents impact & trauma, emotional sensitivity. However, when a scar is incredibly visible it takes on a whole new meaning. Scalp scarring is decidedly personal & forces an immeasurable toll on the quality of a person’s life. One could say that it goes way beyond skin deep. Living with a permanent & visible marking can change the way you see things, can influence social decisions and radically diminish self-esteem.

For this very reason, Scalp Micropigmentation as a solution to scar concealment is nothing short of blessed – and certainly revolutionary.

Scalp Micropigmentation for scarring is a very different procedure to that of classic SMP treatments. So, albeit every SMP treatment is bespoke – why is it that it stands so far apart when scars are involved? The main reason is because of the physiology of scar formation. With this in mind…

What do you need to know about SMP treatments for scars

As with all Scalp Micropigmentation treatments each patient needs individual assessments. However, for scarring, as mentioned above… it’s just different. So what needs to be considered when thinking about an SMP treatment to camouflage your scar?

  • Is the scarring sufficiently healed? A regular scar follows a healing process that’s natural. When tissue is broken it causes collagen to be released. In turn, this will build up to add strength to the site of the wound and & blood flow will increase, along with new collagens forming. Time is needed for the collagen to break down and the said blood flow to reduce. This is the point when your scar becomes smoother & the color will fade. This overall process takes around two years which is the ideal time for you to begin your treatment.
  • Hypertrophic scarring, will SMP work? If scarring is confined it will be known as Hypertrophic. However, to the rest of us, this is when it’s raised. Often, raised scarring will flatten out over the course of one or two years. If it doesn’t completely smooth down, a choice of remedial procedures is available, of which laser treatment is the most commonly known practice. It’s recommended that the scar is flattened before SMP treatment is carried out as otherwise, you’ll run the risk of pigment migration.
  • Hypotrophic scarring, will SMP work? Where Hypertrophic is raised, Hypotrophic is indented. The reason for this indentation is lack of collagen over knotty collagen which is the case with raised scars. There are remedial measures that can be taken to raise the scar site which includes fillers and on occasions laser therapy. Once the scar is more evenly dispersed, Scalp Micropigmentation is a definite option.

Once a scar is ready for treatment the process, albeit relatively straightforward, is also a fragile and delicate matter. Any given SMP technician working on scar tissue will need an immense technical ability to be able to make continuous judgments throughout the procedure. Scar tissue is not the same texture as that of undamaged skin and the proximities of each skin type can be minuscule. Pigments used will alter according to the site it’s implanted and depth of the implant can also vary. For this reason, it’s crucial you exercise extreme diligence when opting for your clinic to undertake SMP scar concealment. The impact of having a poorly administered procedure can tip the balance and cause terrible and long term psychological damage. However, if you take your time and run through the process in a methodical manner the results are, quite simply astounding. Often you’ll require a series of treatments over a short period of time. But the good news is the success rate of Scalp Micropigmentation on camouflage scars is extremely successful.

If you wish to discuss your options concerning Scalp Micropigmentation as a treatment for scar camouflaging, our meticulously trained technicians are always on hand to hear your story & advise. Assessments are imperative & they will be able to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with you, to make this emotional process easier. We understand the procedure is long, however asking questions is the beginning of this life-changing journey.

At Scalp Artist International our approach is one of compassion and kindness. We will take time to understand your scar and its history. Once assessments are made, we endeavor to find the correct Scalp Micropigmentation treatment format for your scar concealment. You can reach out to use here by email or telephone, or alternatively drop into one of our clinics – we stretch right across the United States & are embrace out of state & international patients.

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